Welcome to South Beach
one of the most amazing destinations

South Beach is one of the premier travel destinations in the United States. Known for its beaches, incredible nightlife, and luxury lifestyle, South Beach, located in Southern Florida is the ideal place for a vacation or building a home. A diverse culture and long history, this region of Florida is one you should get to know.

Development Over Time

Also known as SoBe, South Beach is actually a neighborhood that is part of Miami. It sits right along the Atlantic Ocean and includes numerous barrier islands. It’s history dates back to the 1910s, when Carl G. Fisher and John S. Collins began working on the development of the area. In fact, it was the first area of Miami Beach to see any development. In 1926, though, even after significant buildup and a growing tourism industry, the area saw near complete devastation after a hurricane.

Once nothing but farmland, South Beach has developed and been redeveloped numerous times. In the 1920s, a land boom began in the area and the area’s main streets, including 5th Street, Collins Avenue, Washington Ave, Ocean Drive and Alton Road all were established. In the 1930s, a large move towards art deco architecture helps to shape many of the buildings in the area. Much of this, including the Streamline Modern Art Deco architecture that became very prevalent here, is still present.

The development of the region continued through both World Wars. In 1941, tourism numbers rose to about two million people, a record for the area. But, the area saw even more improvement in 1964, when Jackie Gleason created a weekly variety series that drew attention to the area. From that point through the 1980s, the area changed again, becoming more of a retirement community with numerous smaller hotels and oceanfront properties. How did South Beach transform from a retirement-centric area to the trendy lifestyle it is today?

Creation of Modern Day South Beach

Thomas Kramer is perhaps the most important person in the most recent development of the area. He worked to help not only develop high-risk buildings in the area, but also high-density properties. Moving the community away from the low-income, elderly location it was, he was able to build numerous upscale buildings throughout the coastline. What’s unique about the changes Kramer helped to usher in through this construction boom is the fact that the area is now a much more pedestrian friendly area and there’s low crime throughout the neighborhood. Today, it is an entertainment destination that attractions millions of international visitors.

Today, some of the biggest and best restaurants, clubs, bars and companies service South Beach including a top flight South Beach SEO company that has been in business since 2009. South Beach is becoming more tech-savvy and building a tremendous business and resident community