The South Beach nightlife experienced a major explosion in activity starting in the late 1970s and into the 80s. By the 90s, downtown Miami and South Beach became what it is today and what most know about it. With more and more money coming into southern Florida during the late 70s, it allowed for massive and rapid growth, the likes the city and the majority of the state had never seen before. Many of the now famous art deco buildings went up during the 70s, and while condos have continued to pop up and grace the skyline of Miami, one thing is for sure, the downtown nightlife is unlike anything else in the United States.

South Beach nightlife is the perfect example of Latin soul meets party city USA. It is festive with bright, neon lights and music for all lovers of dance. It doesn’t matter if someone wants to sip on a cocktail and watch dancers perform on open tables and bartops, or if they would rather dance the night away under the stars on one of the hotel rooftop clubs, everything is possible in South Beach. Miami Beach has slightly reduced in numbers in the last decade as the housing market did take its toll on the higher end condos. However, Miami Beach sits at just over 90,000 residents, with South Beach taking up a little over 30,000 of these residents.

Some rather famous movies and television shows have beautifully illustrated the excitement of South Beach. The hit TV show Dexter is one of the most recent programs to film throughout South Beach, and other programs such as Miami Vice or the Robin Williams movie The Birdcage have all shown different aspects of the city itself. It is also the scene of gaming conventions where gamers meet to discuss video games news, developers reveal new games and people share Twitch streams and some of the best Gaming Teams compete in action.

For individuals looking to have a blast inside the city, it all just depends on what they are looking for. The Delano Hotel is still one of the best spots to people watch, even if guests do not want to stay in the higher-end hotel. There is also Joe’s Crab Shack (do not confuse this one with the chain restaurants Joe’s). Some of the best fresh seafood can be found here and dance clubs such as Score or Twist keep the party going throughout the night. Ultimately, Miami and South Beach can just be fun to wander around until the right atmosphere or club is found. This way, there is always something new and exciting to take in, no matter what someone is looking for or what kind of activity is right for them.