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South Beach didn’t truly start to take off as a residential hot spot until the 1970s. Before then, the majority of the Florida coastline were sleepy, coastal areas of Florida. Nice to vacation and visit, but nothing substantial. By the 1970s though, South Beach started to see a major influx of development, with condos and new skyscrapers going up almost every single day. The money for these buildings came from many different locations, but this financial prosperity for southern Florida allowed for the real estate boom.

Property developed looked to put condo owners closer and closer to the water, all while providing more amenities than the other new condos in order to lure potential buyers. Although the housing market did take a dip during the United States housing and economical crisis around 2010, it has rebounded nicely and is back to pre-crisis prices.

The population of Miami Beach and South Beach especially has drastically increased over the past several decades, although it has dipped a bit since its peak in the 80s. In 1920, the population sat under 1,000 for all of Miami Beach, although it had sprung up to around 40,000 by the late 1940s and post World War II. By the 70s, the population almost doubled to 87,000 and topped out at just over 96,000 in the 80s.

Now, the estimated population for all of Miami Beach is nearly 92,000 with just over 30,000 residing in South Beach.

For individuals looking at moving to Miami Beach and, more importantly, South Beach, there is a very specific style and community they are looking for. South Beach is much different from the rest of Miami. While it is located on the eastern edge of Miami Beach, which is an island connected through a freeway to the city of Miami, culturally it is a large collection of individuals from all over the world. South Beach is one of the highest-end condo areas in all of the United States, so while there are slightly less expensive opportunities found further inland, South Beach is where the rich and famous come to live.

The community offers just about anything residents might want. The condos along South Beach provide amenities ranging from pools to private beaches and just about any other service they might desire. For someone who is looking to live the high life and on the Atlantic Ocean, this is the place for them. People come to South Beach as well if they are looking to enjoy the incredible nightlife.

South Beach is known as one of the top party destinations for a reason, so residents should be looking to take in the incredible nightlife. When it comes to shopping for South Beach Townhouses, South Beach homes for sale, South Beach homes for rent, South Beach condos and/or South Beach commercial real estate, shop confidently by contacting a quality South Florida real estate agent.